7 Best Makeup Trends For Fall/Winter 2024

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With the coldest period of the year approaching, fashion adapts to the season, bringing a very personalized style to the climate.

The make-up line is no different, what was on the rise in the summer is now being replaced by other colors, formats, and textures that are already starting to be shown in the main media until reaching the streets, becoming the rage of the moment.

Here in this article, we are going to introduce you to seven of the new makeup trends for fall/winter 2024.

1 – Natural makeup looks

Classified as one of the most elegant, this type of makeup has always been present, but in this cold period, it will be even more valued.

The main idea is to look fresh, you know the “less is more” style? So… that’s it, very minimalist, highlighting the lips and cheekbones more.

Some steps to follow for those who want to adhere to this type of make-up are to choose the right products such as foundation with a light texture, soft blush, and eyeshadows in neutral tones.

2 – Graphic makeup

The well-marked graphic outline is very adhered to by those who like a powerful look. On colder days, it can be used without fear of making a mistake.

The main focus is to create precise and striking lines on the eyes, using geometric shapes and vibrant colors, perfect for those who like an impactful look.

For a good application of eyeliner, start at the inner corner of the eye, working towards the outer corner, remember to keep the line as close to the lashes as possible, the thicker the line, the more dramatic the effect on the eyes. This type of eye makeup goes perfectly with sophisticated and elegant winter looks.

3 – Colorful eyeshadow looks

Famous in the ’90s and early 2000s, here they are again, not in the neon 80’s style, but in vibrant colors.

Colors like pink, blue, green, and purple will be the most evident ones, greatly benefiting those with pale skin.

For more discreet people, these shadows can only be used on the inner corners of the eyes or on the lower lash line.

4 – Red lipstick

This autumn/winter promises to bring a lot of beauty, look who’s coming to mark their territory! Despite never going out of style, red lipstick on the coldest and darkest days has a very special charm.

A lipstick that has been successful, even in the red color is those with a matte texture, precisely because they are opaque and velvety, thus uniting vivid color with description.

The red in the lipstick has several tones such as burgundy, plum, and burgundy, among others, but the intense red was chosen as the darling of the season, and can be easily used both day and night, use it without moderation!

5 – Pink blush

In recent years, blush has gained many tones, such as reddish, and earthy, but this season’s favorite choice was pink.

The pink color of the blush allows it to be explored both in a casual, daytime style and in a more sophisticated or striking style for the night.

Cheekbones with a soft tone contrasting with the strong tones of the eyes and lips. The effect is that of a flushed, healthy face with a softer tone, excellent for those who like a more discreet look.

6 – Illuminator makeup

It is an effect chosen to be used more at night, due to lighting. This make-up provides an effect of hydrated and illuminated skin with spotlights on the highest points of the face.

The illuminated style will have a much more expressive result if the skin is well taken care of. Remember that in the cold period, hydration has to be even more intensive, and the use of sunscreen remains essential.

To have this illuminated face perfectly, the ideal is to invest in specific products such as liquid and powder highlighters.

7 – Natural eyebrows

Eliminating only the excesses that escape the original format, the natural eyebrow returns with everything this season.

Having that fuller, super-defined eyebrow, but in a more natural way without using pencils or shadows.

To help build this look naturally, brush your eyebrows upwards.

These were just seven of the trends that will be on the rise in autumn/winter 2024.

Remember that you can adapt all of them to your personal style, the one that makes you feel better.

As much as possible, choose high-quality products, as they make a lot of difference in contact with the skin. In that case, if you find it necessary, consult a beauty professional and follow their recommendations and indications.


In summary, for this year we will have an autumn/winter with softer tones on the skin with defined points, well highlighted, giving a very modern look. By following these tips, you will undoubtedly have an impeccable look.

Let the cold come!

Revamp Your Look: Explore the 7 Best Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter 2024!