Top 10 Profitable Crochet Bussines Strategies in 2024


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Proven Strategies to Make Money with Crochet

Crochet is an art known for millennia and has been gaining more and more admirers all over the world. It is a wonderful work, used in clothes, handicrafts, and many other pieces that become unique through the diversity that crochet offers.

In addition to being a therapeutic activity, extremely relaxing, crochet can also be very lucrative, for those who want to make an extra income out of it, or the main income. After all, a well-made crochet piece is highly valued, and most people can’t resist and want to buy it.

If you are one of those artists who mastered or want to learn the art of interlacing crochet threads, this article will teach you ten strategies to succeed in your business:

1 – Perfect your skills

  The first step to be taken is to improve your crochet techniques, this must be done before you think about monetizing your pieces.

Learn new stitches, explore advanced techniques, and abuse the variety of threads available on the market.

Stand out by creating unique and personalized pieces, the more you perfect yourself, the more you will stand out among competitors. Get ahead, researching trends and using your creativity in model creations.

2 – Identify the niche

The crochet market is very vast, so it’s important to identify yourself and choose a niche that identifies with you. This way, you can choose one that is specific, making it stand out from the competition.

Observe and pay attention to those products that you stand out best and that are in great demand. They can be children’s clothing, rugs, pieces for general home decor, amigurumi, and fashion accessories, among others.

Find your niche and do it according to your personal style, thus creating more personality in your pieces.

3 – Create a Portfolio

person holding purple crochet hook and white yarn
Top 10 Profitable Crochet Bussines Strategies in 2024 1

  Have a visually appealing portfolio, showing in detail that your pieces are well made and of quality. For this, take professional photos if possible, so that your products are even more valued.

If you can create a website or blog, it will be excellent, but if not, invest in social networks with a business profile, to share your photos and interact with potential customers.

Be very specific in the information about the pieces, such as size, color options, materials used, and especially prices.

4 – Participate in fairs and events

  Handicraft fairs and events related to crochet are excellent opportunities to exhibit your work and meet other artisans to exchange experiences.

Reserve a space at local fairs or themed events and have your products on hand to make sales.

Remember to separate the best pieces to make a beautiful exhibition that will attract everyone’s attention.

Talk to visitors, tell your story behind the pieces, and create a connection with your potential buyers, or even with other shopkeepers, who may be interested in your product.

5 – Explore the online market 

  The internet has been dominating the market and handicrafts have not been left out of this way of selling, including crochet, of course.

Create a virtual store on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy or Elo7, where you can list your pieces and reach a global audience, increasing your audience and consequently your sales.

Using digital marketing to your advantage in publicizing will make all the difference in your billing, as the way of buying is undoubtedly changing and most people have used the internet as an option.

6 – Offer classes and tutorials

person holding purple and white pen
Top 10 Profitable Crochet Bussines Strategies in 2024 2

  If you have enough knowledge and experience to pass on to other interested people, you can share it through in-person or online courses or tutorials.

Classes can offer content for beginners extending to a more advanced level, for those who want to improve and innovate their techniques in the art of crochet.

Also, you can create video tutorials or e-books and sell them on your online store. By sharing your knowledge in this way, you will be promoting your brand and credibility in the market, in addition to having another source of income in the same niche.

7 – Accept custom orders

  Nowadays, working with personalization means making the right choice to please our customers.

Invest in this strategy, accepting custom-made orders, and creating exclusive models, both in fashion, accessories and even in the decoration of environments.

Be sure to set realistic deadlines and set clear policies on payments and changes. Having a good dialogue, and clarifying all the details with your customers is sure to make a great deal.

8 – Collaborate with local stores and businesses 

  Contact craft stores, local boutiques, or even gift shops and propose a partnership, with a good proposal for both parties.

There are many establishments that are interested in exclusive, unique pieces that stand out in the market and that are of good quality. If your pieces fit these requirements, you will have a great chance of closing a deal and expanding your brand.

The way of receiving the parts must be established during the negotiation, whether they will be direct sales or by consignment.

9 – Invest in your brand and publicity 

Building and solidifying your “Branding”, which is your visual brand in the market, is fundamental for your growth.

Create a compelling visual identity for your brand, including a logo and color palette. You can hire a specialized professional or if you have enough skills in that area, you can create it yourself.

Invest in paid traffic by hiring a traffic manager to make your business increase revenue with specific strategies.

10 – Stay current and innovative

The market and the business world are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is essential that you monitor and adapt to these changes.

When it comes to crochet, always stay tuned for news like new stitches, techniques, and patterns. Experiment with various materials, experiment with creating differentiated pieces on the market, being increasingly innovative in creations.

Follow blogs, magazines, and online discussion groups to be inspired and always up to date. That way it’s practically impossible not to do a job of excellence.


In conclusion, it was clear that crochet, even though it is an ancient art, does not go out of style, quite the contrary, it is being increasingly revamped and valued.

Take advantage of the new possibilities that the traditional and digital markets offer for your business to stand out and grow with your brand.

Therapeutic, beautiful, elegant, and above all, an excellent source of income. This is our precious crochet, which is really worth investing in to make money with style.

Crochet – FAQ:

What are crochet braids

Crochet braids are a popular hairstyling technique that uses crochet hooks to attach the strands to your natural hair. This method involves braiding your natural hair into cornrows and then crocheting the extensions into the braid. Crochet braids come in a variety of styles that allow for a variety of textures, lengths, and colors without damaging your natural hair. This protective style is both practical and beautiful, easy to care for, and gives a natural look. Crochet braids have gained popularity for their ability to stimulate hair growth and reduce the need for frequent styling.

What to crochet when you are bored

During times of stress, crocheting can be a fun and functional way to pass the time. Simple and quick projects like plates, coasters, or bookmarks are all good options. Not only are these products easy to make, but they are also fully functional. If you’re looking for something more creative, try small accessories or accessories like hair clips and barrettes. These projects can be completed quickly and provide a fun way to experiment with different colors and stitches. Crocheting these little things can help you improve your skills while giving you the satisfaction of finishing the job.

Can crochet be done by machine

Crochet is traditionally a craft, but there are machines that can create crochet-like fabrics. However, machine crochet lacks the detail and personal touch that hand crochet has. While knitting machines are common, true crochet machines are rare and usually limited to stitches or patterns. The art of hand crochet allows for greater creativity and personalization, making each piece unique. Many hobbyists tout the therapeutic benefits of hand crocheting, but machines cannot replicate this. Therefore, although some things, such as crocheting, can be done by machine, the actual craft has not changed.

What do you need to crochet

To start crocheting you will need some basic supplies. Basic supplies include a hook, yarn, and scissors. Crochet hooks come in many sizes, so choose one that suits the weight of your yarn. A tapestry needle is also useful for knitting loose ends and sewing pieces together. It’s also helpful to have stitch markers to keep track of your work on larger patterns. Beginners can benefit from simple crochet patterns or tutorials. Using this tool you can start creating anything from simple outfits to complex outfits.

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