7 Healthy Foods That Give You Satisfaction


Meet the seven champion foods in satiety and extremely tasty

Lose weight without starving, is it possible? The answer is quite encouraging… Yes! You can certainly have a strong, tasty food, with high nutritional value and that leaves you quenched. Lack of satiety can lead to overeating, consequently leading to weight gain.

This theme is reported by Rodrigo Polesso, an expert in weight loss, certified in Optimized Nutrition for Health and Well-being by the State University of San Diego in California. He is the author of the national best seller of the book “This is no longer a Diet Book”.

On his YouTube channel, Rodrigo Polesso , shows a study carried out by the University of Technology in Sydney Australia, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, where 38 foods were tested, with equivalent portions of the same calories (240 calories approximately). These foods were consumed by groups of people, to identify the satiety that each food generated in the body.

At the end of the study, the seven best satiety foods, containing great nutritional values ​​were:

1 – Lentils

Very rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins, and mineral salts, very versatile, and can be used in several recipes. They can be red, green, or brown, and in addition to being delicious, they provide very good satiety. In the study, compared to the same amount of white bread, it was 33% more satisfying.

2 – Cheese

We don’t even need to argue about the striking and delicious flavor of cheeses. They cater to various types of palates, the softest like ricotta, to the strongest and most striking ones like provolone and parmesan.

An excellent source of protein, amino acids, vitamins B12, phosphorus, and selenium, among other important nutrients.

An ingredient that enriches any recipe, even healthy ones, making everything tastier.

Its satiety power, in the study compared to the same amount of white bread, was 46% more.

3 – Popcorn

Yes! Don’t be scared, because our beloved popcorn, if prepared the right way, can be very healthy, as well as delicious.

Popcorn is a source of fiber and carbohydrates, helps with digestion, regulates the intestine, is a natural antioxidant, helps with cardiovascular health, and is gluten-free.

If it is prepared with coconut oil and little salt, it becomes a food relatively low in calories, and with a very high satiety power, as in the study, its percentage compared to white bread was 54% higher.

4 eggs

We can say that where there are eggs, there is a delicious recipe, or just he alone is already successful.

Delicious, they have a lot of protein and healthy fats, and they are also rich in vitamins. A, E, and complex B, in addition to minerals such as iron and zinc, greatly strengthen the immune system.

They are present in several healthy and very tasty recipes, serving as the basis for several ingredients, making a practically complete meal. Proven in the study, in California, the portion of eggs satiated 50% more than the portion of white bread, ranking 4th.

5 – Beef steak

How wonderful to be able to quench hunger with a beautiful beef steak, isn’t it? Rich in protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and other nutrients, it helps maintain energy, helps repair muscles, boosts the immune system, assists in the production of red blood cells, fights infections, maintains healthy bones and greatly controls appetite.

Beef steak ranked 3rd in the study, it had 76% more satiety power than white bread.

6 – Fish

Baked, boiled, and grilled, there is no shortage of tasty dishes with this very special ingredient. High-quality protein source complete with all the essential amino acids for the body. The fattest like salmon, tuna, and mackerel are very rich in omega. Fish are also great sources of vitamin D.

Different recipes allow us to create a menu for the whole week with the advantage of being tasty, light, and healthy. White fish fillet, runner-up in the satiety list, had 125% more advantages compared to white bread.

7 – Baked potato

A boiled potato is well seasoned with herbs, so it’s wonderful! It is an excellent accompaniment to all types of meat.

Abundant in fiber, it is a beneficial source of carbohydrates, generating energy for the body, rich in vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6, in addition to being low in fat and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Our society challenge champion beat white bread by 223%, that is, it is a super ally in controlling appetite.


Finally, if we know how to choose the right foods, we will have a tasty and nutritious menu and the best, without having to go hungry.

A healthy life does not have to be tasteless, but knowing how to combine quality foods with high nutritional value. It’s a lifestyle your body can only thank for.

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