Barretos Rodeo Rider Party Beyond the Best arena ( 7+ Discover )

Barretos Rodeo

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Exploring behind the scenes of Barretos Rodeo biggest event

  Barretos is a city located in the interior of São Paulo, famous for hosting one of the biggest rodeo events in the world, since 1956. Every year, thousands of people from various places come together to attend this long-awaited party for rodeo lovers.

  It is a true cultural and tourist phenomenon, where cowboys and cowgirls show all their skills in riding, roping tests, and rodeos. It really is an eye-popping party with musical attractions, country traditions, gastronomy, and beautiful country culture.

  The Festa do Peão de Barretos, in addition to all the charm of the arena, also holds many other surprises behind the scenes, which you can check out in this article

Peão Park

 Many don’t know, but behind the scenes of the event, there is a city set up, made especially to welcome pedestrians, artists, and the public.

  Parque do Peão, where the party is held, is an immense space with a complete super infrastructure, including bars, restaurants, shops, entertainment areas, and even a church.

  Strolling through the corridors of that wonder of a Park is discovering a world apart, where you can feel all the energy and emotion of the rodeo, along with the passion for the country style that is present in every corner.

Artists’ cabins

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Barretos Rodeo Rider Party Beyond the Best arena ( 7+ Discover ) 1

   One of the most anticipated behind-the-scenes attractions at the Barretos Rodeo Festival is the artists’ box. Big names in country music and other musical genres come together in this exclusive space for parties and get-togethers.

   It is a privileged place where the music never stops, new friendships are born, and romances and stories are born. The opportunity to get to know personalities from the world of arts up close is one of the most anticipated moments for those who have the opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes of the party. 

  Furthermore, Parque do Peão offers several entertainment options. Visitors can explore the fair, where products and services related to the terrestrial universe are presented. There is also an amusement park with attractions for all ages and areas themed around the country’s rodeo culture and history.

Competition tests

  Another behind-the-scenes highlight of the celebration is the tests and competitions organized during the day. Chips and Gifts is intensely committed to achieving the best results in the categories in which it competes.

   They train tirelessly and behind the scenes, it is possible to witness all the preparation and emotions that precede the keys and rope tests.

  The strength, courage, and skill of these rodeo athletes are admirable and captivate the public in a way that makes the event receive more visitors every year.

To gastronomy

  Gastronomy is another aspect that deserves to be highlighted behind the scenes at the Festa de Peão de Barretos. The park has numerous stalls and restaurants offering a variety of food and typical country dishes.

  Gastronomy is another aspect that deserves to be highlighted behind the scenes at the Festa de Peão de Barretos. There are many kiosks and restaurants in the park that offer a variety of dishes typical of the country and the region. Visitors have the opportunity to taste delicacies such as the famous grilled meat, carreteiro rice, feijoada, tropeiro bean, and many other dishes.

 We cannot forget the drinks that are part of this environment. Cold draft beer and caipirinhas are guaranteed in bars and kiosks, providing revelers with moments of relaxation and celebration.

 The animals

Barretos Rodeo,Barretos,rodeo -
Barretos Rodeo Rider Party Beyond the Best arena ( 7+ Discover ) 2

  Behind the scenes, it is also possible to meet the animals participating in the competitions, which we can call the true stars of the show. Oxen and bulls are the protagonists of the event, standing out in the riding events. The trainers treat the horses as true companions of the riders, with the affection and tenderness they deserve. We also have the presence of other animals such as cows, sheep, and birds that also make up this brilliant cast.

  Being able to observe the commitment of the keepers, the sparkle in the animals’ eyes, and the relationship of trust between them is a remarkable experience, which makes us fall even more in love with this universe of Barretos.

  It is important to highlight that the Party of Barretos Pawn and other rodeo events must be carried out in accordance with the rules and guidelines issued by the competent bodies to guarantee animal welfare.

The programation

  In addition to providing shows with the presence of great artists, the party provides an experience that goes far beyond the presentations on the main stage. Behind the scenes, there are smaller stages and alternative spaces where bands and independent artists have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

   These spaces offer a more intimate and welcoming atmosphere, allowing the public to get closer to the music and enjoy unique performances, which will be immortalized by those who experienced those precious moments.

  It is important to mention that the schedule for the Festa do Peão de BarretosIt may vary from edition to edition, new attractions will be added and changes will be made according to public expectations. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult the updated event schedule on official channels to receive detailed information about each day’s activities and attractions.

The exhibitions

  Another interesting attraction behind the scenes of the Festa de Peão de Barreto is the presence of cultural displays. The temporary museums aim to tell the history of the rodeo and country culture through an exhibition of ancient artifacts, photos, and documents that date back to the origins of this traditional event.

  One of the most important exhibits is the “Rancho do Peãozinho”, aimed at children. In this room, little ones can learn about life in the camp. formplayful and interactive. They can ride a pony, meet farm animals, participate in themed workshops, and have fun with toys and games.

  Another very crowded is the “Fair”, where companies and brands related to rural life present their products and services. Visitors can find various items such as riding clothes, typical clothing, rustic fashion accessories, local food, handicrafts, and much more. This is the perfect space for those who want to make purchases related to the country’s universe.

Solidarity attitude

  In addition to providing all these wonders at the event, at the Festa do Peão de Barretos Rodeo there is space for solidarity behind the scenes. Several charitable and social projects are supported and publicized during the event. The party carries out charitable activities, raising food, clothing, and funds to help needy communities in the region.

  Furthermore, the Festa do Peão de Barretos it also promotes resources to help people in vulnerable situations. One example is supporting needy communities by donating clothes, shoes, and basic necessities. These donations are raised through partnerships with businesses and community organizations.

  Another form of solidarity from the party is supporting institutions that serve children and young people at risk. The organization of the event encourages visits from security guards and orphanages, providing moments of fun and leisure among the festival’s attractions. Furthermore, measures are taken to inform the population about the importance of supporting and helping these institutions. This solidarity reinforces the importance of combining fun with social responsibility.


In short, the Festa do Peão de Barretos did not gain the fame and prestige it has by chance. It is an experience full of emotions for all tastes.

  It’s an opportunity to get to know country culture up close, the work of rodeo riders and athletes, listen to fantastic music, have the chance to meet some artists up close, and experience all the magic that behind the scenes offers,

  If you want to get to know Barretos, make sure you don’t miss this unparalleled party in the country world.

Barretos Rodeo – FAQ:

How does rodeo scoring work?

Rodeo scoring is based on judges’ evaluations of riders’ performances in various events such as bull riding, bronc riding, and roping. Each ride is scored out of 100 points, with half of the score awarded to the rider’s performance and the other half to the animal’s performance. Judges assess factors like control, technique, and style for the rider while considering the animal’s speed, power, and agility. Points can be deducted for infractions like touching the animal or equipment. The highest and lowest scores from the panel of judges are usually discarded, and the remaining scores are averaged to determine the final score for each ride.

Who invented rodeo?

Rodeo’s origins trace back to the traditions of Spanish vaqueros and Mexican charros, who organized informal competitions to showcase their horsemanship and cattle-handling skills. As European settlers migrated to North America, they adopted and adapted these traditions, eventually formalizing them into organized rodeo events. While there isn’t a single individual credited with inventing rodeo, it evolved organically over time as a way for cowboys to demonstrate their prowess in handling livestock and performing various tasks associated with ranching.

Which rodeo is the biggest?

The title of the biggest rodeo is often attributed to the Calgary Stampede in Canada. This annual event, held in Calgary, Alberta, is one of the largest rodeos in the world, attracting thousands of spectators and participants from around the globe. The Calgary Stampede features a wide range of rodeo events, including bull riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling, and tie-down roping, along with live music, parades, exhibitions, and cultural performances. It is renowned for its grand scale, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination for rodeo enthusiasts and tourists alike.

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