Discover 10 interesting facts about the series Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris

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Keep up to date with everything that happened during the filming of the series Emily in Paris

  Emily in Paris is a very famous comedy-drama series on Netflix. Released in 2020, it tells the story of Emily Cooper, a young American who moves to Paris to work at a luxury marketing company, even without speaking French or knowing the culture and customs of the city.

  Emily’s saga continues to be a success, now in its third season. During this recording time, several interesting facts happened and that is exactly what we are going to show in this article.

  Discover some interesting facts about what happened inside and outside the scenes of the series:

1 – Original scenario

  The series was actually filmed in Paris, unlike many other series that used other cities as locations to represent the “city of light”. The production used authentic locations such as the Savoir office, where Emily works, and the majestic Eiffel Tower.

2 – Just a fuss…

  The series caused a lot of controversy in France, with some feeling offended by the way the culture was approached, “labeling” the French as arrogant and rude. Some critics also had a negative opinion about the series, claiming that the plot was concerned with presenting a superficial view of Paris, failing to highlight the city’s diversity.

3 – Any similarity is not a mere coincidence

  Darren Star, the creator of “Emily in Paris” was also responsible for “Sex and the City” and there are some similarities between the series. One example is when Emily mentions Carrie Bradshaw in one episode, and the character Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) wears the same gold necklace with the name “Carrie” that the actress wore in “Sexy and the City”.

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Discover 10 interesting facts about the series Emily in Paris 1

4 – Non-basic costumes

  The clothes worn by Emily are expensive, including famous brands such as Chanel and Christian Louboutin. Which explains the good taste of each piece. The costumes were created by designer Patricia Field who also worked, where? In “Sexy and the City”, of course. She also made a statement with her brilliant pieces in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”.

5 – Mixed reviews

  The series divided opinions among critics. A group criticized it, claiming it was a series that stereotypes Paris. Another group of critics found the series super fun and pleasant. This impasse did not affect the shine of the series, which was and continues to be a great success for the public.

6 – Lily had to study

  Lily Collins, the series’ protagonist, had to learn French for the role. She studied for a year before recording began, as she approached her character with great seriousness and commitment.

7 – It became a tourist attraction

  Even though it was recorded in the middle of the pandemic, the series received a large flow of people at the recording locations, as shown by the report. UOL news website.

  The city’s residents themselves visited and recorded these moments on social media. The recordings were made in several famous spots in Paris, such as Place Estrapade. In fact, there is no shortage of there are places incredible places to visit in Paris.

  8 – Real boss

  Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) plays a chef in the series. In real life, he is actually a trained chef, he studied cooking before becoming an actor, which brought a lot of naturalness to his role.

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Discover 10 interesting facts about the series Emily in Paris 2

9 – Filmed quickly

  Although the series is set over several months, its first season was filmed in a very short period of time, approximately three months to complete, according to series creator Darren Star.

10 – Based on real facts

  Darren Star spent time living and working in Paris. He worked at a luxury marketing company, which is where all the inspiration for many characters and situations in the series came from.

11 – Pioneer

  The series was the first American production to be allowed to film at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, one of the oldest and most highly regarded art schools in the world.

12 – Famous cups

  One of the brands that Emily works for in the series is a French coffee shop, and her character is often seen holding a cup of coffee. After the release of the series, sales of coffee cups in France increased significantly.

13 – Homage to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

  In one episode of the series, Emily dresses up like Audrey Hepburn in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and visits Flore’s café, which the actress frequented a lot when she lived in Paris.

14 – Thunderous audience

 “Emily in Paris” was one of the most-watched series on Netflix in 2020, becoming a worldwide success.


  In conclusion, it is a fun and enjoyable series, which really appealed to many people. It has a special charm for having united American and French cultures, despite having subsequently suffered from the opinions of some critics. Despite this, it is still going strong with its third season, and everything indicates that the fourth will come with lots of new features.

Emily in Paris – FAQ:

When is Emily in Paris Season 4

Fans are waiting for the fourth season of “Emily in Paris.” Considering the format of the previous announcement and the ongoing show, it is expected to be released soon. The new season of the film continues to capture the charm of Paris and deliver more interesting and fashionable moments. The production team aims to create another beautiful season that combines drama, romance and entertainment. Although a release date has not been announced yet, audiences will likely look forward to the sequel next year.

How old is Emily in Paris

In “Emily in Paris,” Emily Cooper is portrayed as a young professional in her twenties. His character’s age competes with his work as a business leader, balancing teenage interests with a job growing up in a foreign city. This stage of life enhances her character’s relatability and appeal as she copes with the rigors of her job and adapts to a new culture. His adventures and personal growth throughout the series mirror the experiences many young people face in their twenties.

How to dress like Emily in Paris

To dress like Emily in Emily in Paris, focus on combining beautiful, trendy pieces with classic Parisian fashion. Start with nice colors and patterns, like a coat or bright jeans. Add a touch of French style with a beret, scarf, and a stylish bag. Embrace luxury and design wherever you go, as Emily’s wardrobe includes items from Chanel, Christian Louboutin and other top designers. Feel free to mix things up; Emily’s fashion experience is eclectic and bold, reflecting her confidence and adventure.

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