Holographic nails: The 5 science behind this stunning technique

Holographic nails

Discover why this new trend in the nail market is becoming a favorite among women

   Do you know or have you heard of holographic nails? This new technique in nail decoration has become increasingly popular in recent times.

  In fact, they go far beyond a passing wave of aesthetics, as we can consider them to be the result of a perfect marriage between technology and art.

  Holographic nails offer an impactful effect with vibrant colors in constant movement giving prismatic effects, making hands become true masterpieces, impossible not to be noticed and admired.

  In this article, we will travel through the universe of this technique, exploring every detail of this meeting of fashion and science, which generated this unique and coveted result, which by all indications, is here to stay!

But after all, what are holographic nails?

  Holographic nails refer to a type of nail design that creates a visual effect similar to a hologram. This effect is achieved using special nail polishes and pigments that contain small pieces of glitter or particles that reflect light in a unique way.

  When light reflects on holographic nails, they shine and change color, creating a sparkling, multidimensional effect, also known as a prismatic effect.

  To create this effect, holographic nail polish is usually used, which contains finely ground glitter particles dispersed in the nail polish.

  Creativity is king at this moment, and you can create more complex designs, by combining holographic manicures with other nail art techniques, such as stamps, decorations, and stickers.

  Holographic nails are very popular due to their amazing futuristic appearance. Depending on your personal preference, you can wear them on special occasions or incorporate them into your everyday life.

   It’s important to note that the quality of holographic nail polish can vary and some may provide a more pronounced holographic effect than others. Therefore, if you want a more expressive effect, even if it is more expensive, it is worth investing in a good nail polish.

The chemistry behind colors

  The fascinating color of holographic nails is the result of the combination of special pigments and reflective particles.

   The pigments are carefully chosen to create vibrant and intense colors.

  Reflective particles, generally made of metallic or holographic pigments, are responsible for reflecting light.

  Metallic pigments, such as aluminum and titanium, have the function of reflecting light effectively, creating a metallic shine on the nails.

  Holographic pigments, on the other hand, are designed in a way that diffracts light into multiple colors, creating the effect of a prism.

 Furthermore, the intensity and effect of the color can be affected by ambient lighting and the way the light reflects on the nails.

Now let’s talk about the procedures

Well, first of all, let’s mention the necessary materials:

1 – Transparent or colored base enamel, of your choice.

2 – Holographic nail polish or holographic glitter nail polish.

3 – Holographic powder.

4 – Clean and soft makeup brush.

5 – Transparent covering enamel or top coat.


1 – Prepare your nails:

Start by prepping your nails as you would for a regular manicure. This includes trimming, filing, and pushing back cuticles and applying a glossy base coat. They need to be in perfect condition for an impeccable result.

2 – Apply base polish:

Apply 1 to 2 layers of clear or colored base polish and let it dry completely. The color of your base polish can affect the final result, so choose a color that complements the holographic nail polish you plan to use. The idea is to make this choice in advance and very calmly so as not to make a mistake.

3 – Apply holographic nail polish:

Apply a thin layer of holographic nail polish over the base polish. Make sure the layers are even. Depending on the desired choice, a second layer can be applied after the first layer has dried.

4- Apply Holographic Powder:

When the holographic nail polish is almost dry (still sticky to the touch), it’s time to apply the holographic powder. Use a clean, soft makeup brush, take the powder, and press it onto your nails. This creates a holographic effect. Make sure to cover all areas of the holographic nail polish.

5 – Seal with finishing:

Apply a clear topcoat or varnish to protect the design and add shine to your nails. This also helps keep the holographic powder in place. Choosing a protective top coat will make the result more lasting.

6 – Clean the corners:

Use a cotton swab or brush with nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish that has accumulated in the corners of your nails. This step must be done with the utmost care, so as not to damage the art made.

7 – Drying:

Dry your nails completely. This may take some time, as several layers are applied. Patience at this time is essential to avoid having to repeat the entire process!

8 -Maintenance:

To maintain your holographic nails, apply an additional layer every few days to extend the durability of the design, this will leave them looking like new.

The popularity

  The popularity of holographic nails is undeniable, as they are truly pleasing and gaining more and more fans all over the world. The reasons for this success derive from several factors such as:

Unique aesthetics:

This technique provides a unique and futuristic look. A variety of holographic colors and patterns allow people to customize their nails to suit their tastes and styles.

We already know that beauty trends spread quickly on social media, and holographic nails are no exception. Stunning holographic nail photos and videos shared on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have helped boost its popularity.

Influencers and celebrities:

The popularity of holographic nails has been amplified by beauty influencers and celebrities sporting holographic nails on red carpets, in fashion magazines, and even on social media. As a result, it sparked even more interest around the world.

Product diversity:

The growing demand for this style has expanded the market for nail polishes and specific products for holographic nails. There are a variety of nail polishes, glues, and holographic powders that you can use to create incredible and unique effects on your nails.

Art and creativity:

Holographic nails allow nail artists and fashionistas to express their creativity. From simple designs to complex patterns, there are countless ways to incorporate holographic effects into your nail art, just know which style suits you best.


  Ultimately, holographic nails are a great example of how science and beauty can come together to create something truly incredible that can suit a variety of styles.

  Understanding the physics of light, the chemistry of pigments, and skillful application results in nails that seem to capture a part of the rainbow. This set of factors provides a very refined and glamorous appearance.

  As technology and the beauty industry advance, we’re likely to see more innovations in the world of holographic nails as well. Whether it’s a form of artistic expression or a magical touch to your look, holographic nails are a trend that will remain constant and have a very strong presence in the world of modern fashion.

Get Ready to Shine: Dive into the Science of Holographic Nails!